How Insured Should Tow Truck Company Owners Be?

With transport being the core of a tow truck company’s business model, it’s fairly obvious that they will need to be well insured if they want to stay in business over the years. But exactly how insured do they need to be?

The following video will explain.

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Important Reasons for Towing Insurance

As you can see, tow trucks need to be insured just as much as any other type of vehicle on the road. Especially when you consider the fact that their primary job is to handle other people’s vehicles.

This is why it is highly important for owners of tow truck businesses to have every truck in their fleet insured, as well as their employees. If something were to happen to a person’s vehicle – or even them – while you are responsible, it could end up costing a lot more in the end. It could even potentially cause the loss of your business altogether someday.

Another important reason why tow trucks need to be properly insured is because of the amount of time they spend on the road each day, several days out of each year. This being the case makes the trucks more susceptible to having accidents themselves and possible breakdowns, or a whole other range of problems just like other cars on the road face.

If one of your tow trucks breaks down, you want to be able to get it back on the road as fast as possible. Otherwise, you’re losing business on top of the cost of the repairs, which will obviously be a lot more expensive without auto insurance.

Tow Truck Insurance Cost

The cost of towing insurance will depend on a variety of factors and therefore, different for company owners in all fifty states. Some of these factors include:

  • The number of years the company has been in business and the size they are
  • The year, model and amount of fleet they have
  • The number of tow truck drivers they employ
  • State regulations
  • The company the owner decides to get their insurance from

To find the best rate, you should do your due diligence on insurance companies and compare the rates that they quote you. There are plenty of options for purchasing tow truck insurance online but again, you should really do your research before committing to a plan so you only pay for what you really need. You know how insurance companies can be. ūüôā

According to a reputable online source for towing insurance, Tow Truck Insurance HQ, company owners can expect to pay anywhere from $4,000 to $15,000 or even more. Again, that depends on all or some of the factors that were mentioned above.


In this article, I’ve mentioned why it’s important for tow truck companies to have good insurance and the factors what will play into the cost. I hope that the content provided has been helpful for you and that you now have some better insights into how much insurance you will need for your tow trucks.

Do You HAVE to Have Car Insurance?

side of red exotic car

For many people, the idea of paying for car insurance each month just sounds plain crazy. Maybe it costs too much, they have a bad driving record, or have some other explanation for not wanting to do so.

As nice as this sounds, is it really something that you should ever consider pursuing?

I’m no lawyer, but I can give you my input as a professional that sells insurance.

In short, the law in most states seems to say that you are required to have insurance for your vehicle as long as you plan to operate it. Reasons being, you need to be held responsible for your actions.

While many people consider themselves to be superior drivers, they can never control things like weather conditions and other drivers on the road. You can be the most amazing driver in the world but you can’t control outside forces, therefore, the safest option to is just settle for insurance.

While it may be a pain and a part of your income that you don’t want to put towards something you don’t believe in, it may end up saving you in the end. The cost of getting your car or heaven forbid, yourself in an accident could be much more than that of monthly insurance payments.

This is all simply food for thought, but it’s a common question I have seen all over the web during my times of research. The question is interesting and the situation sure can be tempting to resist.

In the end, you will probably thank yourself for insuring your car and essentially, your life.

Do Lots of Limos Mean Lots of Insurance?

Insuring a limousine can be a costly investment, but it’s definitely a must if you plan on running your own company that chauffeurs people around.

Just recently, I had a a limo driver visit me about his insurance, which was a situation I have never actually been in before in my career. This was a big deal in the sense that the guy has a lot of cars that are constantly chauffeuring people. To me, that is a huge responsibility which yes, requires lots of insurance.

This person owns 5 stretch limos, a hummer limo, and a few sedans. In total, he contacted me for information about insuring a total of 9 vehicles, which is a very costly investment. When you do the math, the cost of insuring his 9 limos is amounts to hundreds of thousands of dollars over years of time.

Being insured when other people are involved should never be an option though. In case any kind of accident were to occur, limo company owners could be held liable, which could cost a lot more than paying insurance dues. It’s also important that employees that are chauffeurs be insured in case anything were to happen to them.

Insuring Limo Companies

Limousine company owners will obviously need to seek out an insurance provider to get quotes for their needs. These can be found online, or possibly even from a current insurance provider – depending on whether or not they insure limos.

According to a frequently cited post on the forum Limousines Online, company owners can expect to pay anywhere from $10k to over $30k a year, depending on the state they are in, how long they have been in business and the type, year and number of vehicles they are insuring. Of course, this is just an estimated set of numbers, and limousine company owners should always do due diligence of their own.

State regulations can also play a part in how much a company’s rates will be and again, it varies by state so always remember to do the proper research. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

If you’re looking to save yourself some money, I recommend doing a detailed search on the web where you can find a lot of great information. This will also help you becoming more knowledgeable about limousine insurance so you will be better prepared when speaking to an actual agent. And while we’re on the subject, don’t let them talk you into spending more money than you need to. Doing your research can end up saving you money that you may have never needed to spend in the first place.

How to Sell Car Insurance Like the Pros

So you’re trying to sell auto insurance, eh?

People seem to think that when it comes to sales there is a special secret that automatically distinguishes those that are good from those that are not. As someone that has been in sales for a long time and considered to be one of the greats, I can tell you personally that the secret lies within your ability to know how people operate.

Sales of any kind involves knowing about people more so, what people want to buy. What kind of things they need and then what kind of things they think they need.

Most of the time people have already sold themselves on a product or services or at least have a good idea of what they want, and are just looking for the right person to sell it to them. This technically means that they are buying no product or service at all but instead, the person who is selling it. This is sort of what I was talking about in this article. That my friends, is why you need to know how people function so you can counter their objections and show them why they need something and what it will do for them.

 How This Applies to Selling Auto Insurance

Most people want to believe that they need car insurance. At this point, it becomes about helping them find the right company, premium, and overall plan that will suit them best.

There are many car insurance companies available to consumers these days so you have to make them feel like they are signing up for a plan that will fit their individual needs according to how much they drive, what year and type of car they have, and their location.

But again, the problem is mostly just getting in front of these people. With the many car insurance companies out there, how are people supposed to believe that yours is better than the next guys. And at that point, whether a local car insurance company can benefit them better than a national one.

Show them the Benefits

No matter what they are buying, people like to feel like they are receiving some kind of offer or deal. They really want to see the value and know that they are getting their money’s worth for the price that they are paying each month or year.

Sell them an experience and make them feel like the plan they are choosing was specifically constructed for them and if it already is, then great. More brownie points for you in most cases.

Again, with all the competition you have, it’s crucial to stand out to them. Why should they buy car insurance from you rather than one of your competitors?


Regardless of what you are selling whether it’s auto insurance or even life insurance, people will be buying you, not the actual product you are selling.

To Sell or To Be Sold To? That is the Question

Sales. The word has more of a negative connotation than a positive one. What people don’t realize is that when it comes to making or spending money, they are either the one doing the selling or the one that is being sold to.¬†At their job, they are either salesmen performing actual sales, or the person that is apart of making the sale. Which means that for a career choice, you can either make more money doing the selling or a set amount doing the consuming. Why do you think sales people have the potential to make more money than people with safe and salary based jobs?

I’m not trying to say that in order to make a lot of money you need to go into sales, but what I am saying is that if you aren’t selling, you are being sold to. Guess what though? Every last one of us are selling all the time regardless if we recognize it or not.

When you are trying to convince someone of something, what are you doing? Selling them.

When your kid is asking to for something, what are they trying to do? Sell you.

When you are in the process of making a decision, what are you doing? Selling yourself on one option or another.

See what I’m saying?

These examples obviously don’t apply to making money with a career of selling, but it drives home my point even further.

We do so much selling in our daily lives that we are better at it than we may think. I constantly hear people say “I’m no good at selling”, or “I could ever sell anything to anyone.” But guess what? That obviously can’t be true because you are already selling people on a daily basis, and have been ever since you were a baby.

Don’t believe me? Maybe you should take it from an actual pro such as Grant Cardone, the master salesman and author of the best selling sales book Sell or Be Sold.

¬†The point I’m trying to make here, is that we do so much selling in our lives that why shouldn’t we hone in on the skill and earn an income from it.

With the state our economy is in, there are always so many people that are in need of extra money. Some can’t find a job at all, and some can’t find a job that makes enough money to ever get by.

Sales allows you the freedom to earn what you are worth. To earn a reciprocal amount of the value you are worth according to the effort you put it. This is one of the biggest things that attracted me to sales.

To this day, I like to help people take on this perspective so they can see that there is a better way out there to make money, and more of it. The good news is that not all sales jobs will require 60 plus hours a week and if they do, you have to look at it in the long run. You may work more now but you have the ability to earn more, which can even lead to an early retirement, and gives you more money to save and invest over the years.

SO WHAT if you have to work a lot in the beginning. The larger sums of money you earn can be invested and turned into even more money. The possibilities are endless regardless of what type of sales you get into. Whether it’s selling limo insurance, life insurance, car insurance, home insurance or whatever other kind, you can do it!

5 Objections of Selling + Tips for Overcoming Them

I’ve learned a lot in all my years of selling and I have always like the idea of teaching others the things I know. You know, the things that have helped me become the successful salesman that I am today.

Before I could ever become the salesman I am today I had to overcome something that often tormented me during the beginning stages of my career. That something took me about a year’s time to overcome and I can’t lie, it was one of the toughest, most challenging things I think I have ever had to do in my life. And you want to know what that something was? Something I consider to minor now, which is overcoming objections.

I used to have this horrible feel of rejection and was never prepared handle the objections my potential clients always had. In my years of sales as a whole (including different industries) I have realized that the objections people tend to have tend to fall into 5 categories. Once I learned to counter these objections I was able to sell anything and to this day have the confidence to sell anything, even if it was dirt.

Today I wanted to share these 5 objections for those of you in sales. I promise that once you memorize these objections and construct ways to counteract them, you can become an unstoppable sales person and move forward to reach tremendous goals and heights. Without further ado, here are the objections of the hour.

The 5 Biggest Customer Objections to a Sale

1.) Money

You will almost always¬†come into contact with someone who will tell you that they don’t have the money to buy what you are offering.

It’s your job to make them see the real value in what you are selling and make them see the amount of money they may be losing by not buying your service.

Oh and here is the most important thing: never drop your price if people are telling you that it’s too high. Obviously this one only applies to those selling their own products or services. If you value what you’re offering at too low of a price then it could have the reverse effect and make people think that it’s cheap or not of high value.

Best of all, when they tell you your price is too high, simply agree with them. Don’t argue or budge, if it’s a good fit then they will see it. If not, you probably didn’t want their business anyways.

2.) Time 

Another common objection you will most likely always encounter is time. People will always tell you they don’t have time to do or use something.

The reality is that most people¬†don’t realize how much time they actually have in a day and can really get done. Your goal is to help them see that your product or service doesn’t take much of their time but is rather a good investment of it.

3.) Trust

A big factor that steers people away is lack of trust. People just don’t want to buy from people they don’t know because they don’t know how well they can trust them.

Your job is to get your prospect to know, like and trust you in order to break down the sales barrier they have up.

If you can avoid it, don’t shoot for the sale on the first meeting but rather build a bit of rapport first. There’s nothing stronger than a solid foundation, which is how you create a lifetime customer.

Trust is a big factor in sales industries like insurance because so many don’t feel like they can trust the people selling it.

4.) Information

Many people are hesitant to buy because they don’t feel as though they have enough information about¬†the product or service at hand.

The best way to combat this is to give them the primary information they need in a manner that holds their attention and covers all of their concerns in a feasible amount of time. Stay on topic and don’t beat around the bush. If you stray from the topic with small talk then you lose dominance over the situation.

5.) Partner

Last but not least, people have concerns about buying because of what their partner may say or think. Sometimes it takes two to make a full on decision so persuading the partner may be the thing to overcome.

If the interested partner isn’t able to make the persuasion themselves, it may be time to speak with both of them simultaneously and re-address the advantages.