How Insured Should Tow Truck Company Owners Be?

With transport being the core of a tow truck company’s business model, it’s fairly obvious that they will need to be well insured if they want to stay in business over the years. But exactly how insured do they need to be?

The following video will explain.

As you can see, tow trucks need to be insured just as much as any other type of vehicle on the road. Especially when you consider the fact that their primary job is to handle other people’s vehicles.

This is why it is highly important for owners of tow truck businesses to have every truck in their fleet insured.

Due Diligence on Tow Truck Companies When Hiring

When you are in need of a tow truck driver, you are usually in a rush which can cause you to spend less time doing due diligence on the company you’re looking at hiring.

One of the most important factors to look for when hiring a towing company is whether or not they are insured.

If they are not insured and something happens to your vehicle, motorcycle or RV in the towing process, they will not be held liable and the damages will be yours to pay.

Do I HAVE to Have Car Insurance?

side of red exotic car

For many people, the idea of paying for car insurance each month just sounds plain crazy. Maybe it costs too much, they have a bad driving record, or have some other explanation for not wanting to do so.

As nice as this sounds, is it really something that you should ever consider pursuing?

I’m no lawyer, but I can give you my input as a professional that sells insurance.

In short, the law in most states seems to say that you are required to have insurance for your vehicle as long as you plan to operate it. Reasons being, you need to be held responsible for your actions.

While many people consider themselves to be superior drivers, they can never control things like weather conditions and other drivers on the road. You can be the most amazing driver in the world but you can’t control outside forces, therefore, the safest option to is just settle for insurance.

While it may be a pain and a part of your income that you don’t want to put towards something you don’t believe in, it may end up saving you in the end. The cost of getting your car or heaven forbid, yourself in an accident could be much more than that of monthly insurance payments.

This is all simply food for thought, but it’s a common question I have seen all over the web during my times of research. The question is interesting and the situation sure can be tempting to resist.

In the end, you will probably thank yourself for insuring your car and essentially, your life.

Do Limos Need Lots of Insurance?

Just recently, I had a meeting with a limo driver about his insurance, which was something I have never done before in my career. I mean, this was a big deal in the sense that the guy has a lot of cars that are constantly chauffeuring people. To me, that is a huge responsibility which yes, requires lots of insurance.

In this post you will all see the geeky side of me that comes out all excited when I make big insurance sales.

So yeah. This guy owns 5 stretch limos, a hummer limo, and a few sedans. In total, he contacted me for information about insuring a total of 9 vehicles, which is a very costly investment.

I should have probably added that he is brand spanking new to the business and his company is just now launching, which meant he needed to get all his cars insured at once.

As you can imagine, the cost of insuring his 9 limos is quite the investment that amounts to hundreds of thousands of dollars over time. Now, you may be thinking “Oh, he’s only thinking about his commission,” but that’s really not true. Again, I just like to geek out when it comes to big numbers in the insurance game considering that most of my business consists of a bunch of smaller accounts. Plus, I have never worked on this big of a deal before, so this post is essentially a celebration.

I guess you won’t understand unless you are in sales.

Anyways, the gist of my story today is that it can take tons of money to invest in a business, especially those that are like the limo one where you needs a few cars just to operate.

This made me really admire the guy sitting in front of me today because he has taken such a big risk to work for himself. He’s already paid a huge investment for the limos and has to maintain them and keep insured with lots of insurance the entire time he’s in business, not to mention he’s responsible for all of these people’s lives. That is pure crazy.

Kudos to him though.

Anyone who’s willing to do that really knows how to live life. What a crazy lesson I have learned lately.

How to Sell Car Insurance Like the Pros

So you’re trying to sell auto insurance, eh?

People seem to think that when it comes to sales there is a special secret that automatically distinguishes those that are good from those that are not. As someone that has been in sales for a long time and considered to be one of the greats, I can tell you personally that the secret lies within your ability to know how people operate.

Sales of any kind involves knowing about people more so, what people want to buy. What kind of things they need and then what kind of things they think they need.

Most of the time people have already sold themselves on a product or services or at least have a good idea of what they want, and are just looking for the right person to sell it to them. This technically means that they are buying no product or service at all but instead, the person who is selling it. This is sort of what I was talking about in this article. That my friends, is why you need to know how people function so you can counter their objections and show them why they need something and what it will do for them.


 How This Applies to Selling Auto Insurance


Most people want to believe that they need car insurance. At this point, it becomes about helping them find the right company, premium, and overall plan that will suit them best.

There are many car insurance companies available to consumers these days so you have to make them feel like they are signing up for a plan that will fit their individual needs according to how much they drive, what year and type of car they have, and their location.

But again, the problem is mostly just getting in front of these people. With the many car insurance companies out there, how are people supposed to believe that yours is better than the next guys. And at that point, whether a local car insurance company can benefit them better than a national one.

Show them the Benefits

No matter what they are buying, people like to feel like they are receiving some kind of offer or deal. They really want to see the value and know that they are getting their money’s worth for the price that they are paying each month or year.

Sell them an experience and make them feel like the plan they are choosing was specifically constructed for them and if it already is, then great. More brownie points for you in most cases.

Again, with all the competition you have, it’s crucial to stand out to them. Why should they buy car insurance from you rather than one of your competitors?


Regardless of what you are selling whether it’s auto insurance or even life insurance, people will be buying you, not the actual product you are selling.

To Sell or To Be Sold To? That is the Question

Sales. The word has more of a negative connotation than a positive one. What people don’t realize is that when it comes to making or spending money, they are either the one doing the selling or the one that is being sold to. At their job, they are either salesmen performing actual sales, or the person that is apart of making the sale. Which means that for a career choice, you can either make more money doing the selling or a set amount doing the consuming. Why do you think sales people have the potential to make more money than people with safe and salary based jobs?

I’m not trying to say that in order to make a lot of money you need to go into sales, but what I am saying is that if you aren’t selling, you are being sold to. Guess what though? Every last one of us are selling all the time regardless if we recognize it or not.

When you are trying to convince someone of something, what are you doing? Selling them.

When your kid is asking to for something, what are they trying to do? Sell you.

When you are in the process of making a decision, what are you doing? Selling yourself on one option or another.

See what I’m saying?

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5 Objections of Selling + Tips for Overcoming Them

I’ve learned a lot in all my years of selling and I have always like the idea of teaching others the things I know. You know, the things that have helped me become the successful salesman that I am today.

Before I could ever become the salesman I am today I had to overcome something that often tormented me during the beginning stages of my career. That something took me about a year’s time to overcome and I can’t lie, it was one of the toughest, most challenging things I think I have ever had to do in my life. And you want to know what that something was? Something I consider to minor now, which is overcoming objections.

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10 Fun Facts About Me, Paul Bradley

In honor of my passion and starting this new blog I thought it would be cool to list 10 facts about myself so my readers can get a better idea of whose content they are spending time consuming.

But before I begin I would like to formally introduce myself in case you didn’t read my About me page.

My name is Paul Bradley and I have the honor of working in a career that is also my passion which if you haven’t figured out by now is auto insurance sales. I started this blog to share my passion with others and overall just have a place to document my thoughts. I believe that knowledge is power and writing down what you know helps you remember things better while giving you something to look back on. Think about how cool it will be to look back in a few decades at the work I’m producing today.

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